Now I’ve seen it all (I hope)! I've always entertained some suspicions about my fellow Lions. On Saturday 29th October at the Viables Community Hall, the worst were confirmed. We had skeletons, Draculas (complete with brides), Morticias and all manner of witches, ghouls and ghosties. It was like “Tam o’ Shanter” brought to life. But at least it was an improvement on their normal personae. Fortunately all the Halloweeny stuff was counterbalanced to an extent by some semblance of elegance on the New Orleans side.

The Sussex Jazz Kings kept our “spirits” high with their toe tapping renderings of such all time greats as “Yellow Dog Blues”, “Walk Through the City”, “Marching Through Georgia”, and, (on the naughty side) “Miller’s Daughter Mary Ann”. If you want an event to go with a swing, they’re the boys.

During the interval we had an excellent finger buffet courtesy of M&S. Sandwiches, chicken drumsticks, pork pies, cheese and biscuits etc. etc. And many “doggy bags” were taken home – all very good, and value for money to boot.

Then the Sussex Jazz Kings took over again with the theme tune from Dad’s Army, “Burgundy Street Blues”, and  “Carry me Back to Old Virginia”, before sending us home to the strains of “Carolina Moon”, “Sleepy Time Gal” and finally, “We’ll Meet Again”. I certainly hope so!

John & SJK2            Di & Da           SJK1    

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